InterValue Core Team Members Adjustment Announcement


Due to the team's needs in R&D, the following adjustments have been made to the core team members and their duties:


Joey Zhong will no longer serve as Chief Architect for InterValue, and Dr. Roger Max will assume this position.


At the same time, the team ushered in another heavyweight figure, Dr. Andy Tang, who will be responsible for the construction of the entire InterValue ecosystem.



Roger Max


As a Ph.D. holder, his main research areas are distributed computing, cloud computing, machine learning. He has published over 20 high-level papers. He has carried out a profound research on the scalability, reliability, and elastic optimization of distributed systems. He also has a deep understanding and rich practical experience in the underlying technology and working principles of the blockchain.




Andy Tang


As a Ph.D. holder, his main research areas are machine learning, intelligent information processing, information systems. He has published over 20 high-level papers. He has long been engaged in large-scale information systems and distributed application practice. He has extensive experience of product development and system design. He started researching blockchain technology very early and has a deep understanding of the application and construction of blockchain ecosystems.




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