Scott, InterValue's COO




In the public's perception, the boys in the blockchain industry should be plaid shirts with denim trousers, a pair of black frame glasses, and a typical "code farmer" image. Looking at the front of this wearing a cap, a "tidal man" dress up. With a hobby of photography, and looks like a maverick, turned out to be InterValue's COO – Scott.



Scott said he likes to do something about art! It is not that only painting or music is called art. Everywhere in life, there is an artistic atmosphere. Isn't the blockchain another art? Creating a new era of the Internet and bringing people real convenience in life is just a different kind of art! With this in mind, Scott plunged into the blockchain field.


In the area of blockchain, Scott became the important one of InterValue. He often represented InterValue in various forums related to blockchain. He was working hard in private.





In order to deepen the understanding of the blockchain, Scott's bookcases are filled with books related to blockchains. There are books such as "blockchain revolution", "FinTech Revolution", etc. He knows "smart contract, cross-chain" by reading the books.




Scott took part in different blockchain forums to know the blockchain industry better. He always feels that there is no development prospect for sitting behind closed doors. Only running outside can know more about the blockchain industry.



We all know that blockchain projects are numerous, but InterValue's team has industry veterans and doctors with a variety of titles. In addition, InterValue has more desire to finish this goal. This is exactly what Scott has to do, and he has been working hard to explain the technology developed by InterValue to the public in an easy-to-understand yet professional language.


Everyone feels that sometimes he should rest properly for his long years of hard work. However, he believes that he should pay more to let people have more recognition and support for InterValue. Besides, he wants to let more projects participate in the ecological layout of our chain



Wish Scott and InterValue team have a better development!



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