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Following the InterValue mainnet had been launched on the evening of February 17, 2019, as the official Wallet DApp of InterValue, the inWallet v3.3 was officially launched today.


The inWallet is the light node application of the InterValue mainnet, that is the tool for users to connect to the InterValue mainnet. The inWallet v3.3 has the following features:


1. High Trading Speed in Seconds

The inWallet base on the million level TPS blockchain 4.0 infrastructure. It has a high INVE trading speed in seconds. And there is no need to wait for the currency transaction.


2. Multi-Chain Wallets Management

It enable the cross-chain trading of INVE and BTC, ETH. And it enable multi-chain asset management. 

3. Communication Session

It support chat session in the wallet, payment request and payment address’sending. That makes the payment safer and more convenient.


4. Massive News & Market Quotation

The inWallet has massive industry news, that makes it easy to grasp the latest news of the blockchain and the real-time market quotation.


5. Dapp Application Center

Since the InterValue mainnet implements the Turing complete smart contract, the inWallet can access to massive Dapp applications. That improve the ecosystem construction and support large-scale application development.


The inWallet v3.3 will bring a new blockchain wallet experience. Users can download and install it on the InterValue official website (www.inve.one) to experience the high speed and convenience of the inWallet.


Download Link:  http://www.inve.one/inwallet_en.html


The inWallet v3.3 is the first public release of InterValue Wallet, and we will continue to update and optimize it. Users are welcome to provide feedback and work together to create a truly practical digital wallet.


Feedback Link:  http://www.inve.one/air/feedback.html



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