InterValue Signs Strategic Partnership with Yunqing, another Branch of Yonsamity Smart Inn



Yonsamity Smart Inn - which was elected “The Most Popular Hotel in 2017” by a panel of organizations – recently signed a partnership with InterValue through its Yunge branch. Today, it is Yunqing branch’s turn to sign a similar partnership agreement.







 Located in the Ancient Town of Lijiang (Yunnan province, China), Yunqing branch boasts an attractive decoration style mixing antic and modern influences. The hotel not only offers a gorgeous view of the historic center of Lijiang, but is also equipped with all sorts of high tech devices in order to improve guests’ experience. For example, they can use their smartphone or other IoT devices to control lamps, curtains, TVs etc. This combination of history and modernity makes their stay unforgettable. Inside the rooms, chairs, beds and windows are all carved with wood and the colors make it look simple and elegant at the same time. The furniture has been carefully selected to ensure good sleep quality.






As part of this strategic cooperation, InterValue will provide comprehensive technical support for the development of Yonsamity’s blockchain application. In the early stage, it will cooperate in the aspects of payment, data processing, and traceability of hotel-related business processes. Yonsamity’s Yunqing branch will explore the potential of blockchain technology and its implementation. Eventually, this partnership is one further step forward in combining blockchain technology applications with the hospitality industry and it could pave the way for new practices in this industry, enhancing travelers experience as well as the quality of services. InterValue and Yonsamity have huge ambitions and are strongly committed to creating an ecosystem that redefines value standards for travelers and hotel chains.



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