Interview with a Tech Specialist Who Came Back to China after a Long Journey across the World


Peng Fei is one of the core members of the HashStor team – one of InterValue’s strategic partners.



In 2002, Peng Fei’s life took an interesting turn. As a fresh college graduate, while many of his peers were avidly looking for a job, he decided to go to Germany, get exposure to a different culture and see what the world had to offer beyond China’s borders. When asked about the motivation behind his decision, he answers that he had long been fascinated by the Germanic culture and he felt very attracted to Germany’s high education standards. In addition, he had always been fond of traveling and wanted to experience European civilization. Last but not least, Germany's industry is among the world’s strongest. This is particularly true for the automotive industry (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc.). As an ambitious and goal-driven person, Peng Fei’s motivation to move to Germany was a no-brainer.



Peng Fei studied and worked in America & Germany for 14 years, despite his family’s hope for him to return to China. He ended up going back to his native country and quickly got a job with a large company. But the rigid system and hierarchy of this local organization made him feel very uncomfortable. "In the past, I only had to think about things that I am able to handle. But in large Chinese companies, many aspects were very different." Peng Fei promptly quit his job as he heard about Blockchian&HashStor.


Whenever people ask him about HashStor, he gets very excited. According to his words, the first time he stepped into HashStor's office, he could feel that atmosphere was different. Everyone's thoughts and practices are very straightforward. The coordination of work between various departments is handled very smoothly and the relationships between people are very friendly.


What seduced Peng Fei the most is HashStor's blockchain application project. He views the blockchain industry as the next big thing and keeps tracking the latest developments and prospects in this space. Blockchain may indeed be the most revolutionary technology since the Internet. Peng Fei is convinced that it will change the way human values are transmitted, reshape organizations, promote a fair distribution of resources and change the logic of how business is done. As someone with experience in the big data and artificial intelligence industries, he believed that the data problem was among the most difficult to solve. Data is usually stored in a centralized, cloud storage space. It is difficult to guarantee its safety, reliability, and uniqueness. But blockchain can address this: HashStor distributed storage devices aim to disrupt the field of mass data storage.


Peng Fei said that the development of blockchain will become a major trend in the next five years, both in China and abroad. Due to the maturity of foreign markets and the soundness of relevant laws, blockchain technology is ahead of China. Foreign blockchain market is bound to lead the Chinese one and Chinese projects should align with the country policies. In the future, blockchain will likely follow these trends:


l  Blockchain applications will be developed across multiple industries will strive and crypto currencies will penetrate the non-financial sector.

l  Enterprise applications are the main battlefield of the blockchain technology and alliance chain/private chain will play a massive role.

l  Blockchain applications will offer diversified technical solutions and performance will be continuously optimized.

l  Combination of blockchain and cloud computing is getting more and more tangible and BaaS is expected to become mainstream.

l  Blockchain security issues are crucial and security protection requires strong technical and management attention.

l  Interoperability between blockchain is becoming more and more prominent.

l  Blockchain competition is intensifying and patent competition is fierce.

l  Blockchain investment will keep growing, so will the token economy model.

l  There is a conflict between blockchain technology and supervision, but they will eventually get reconciled.

l  Credibility is a matter of high-importance and this goes increasingly.


As the product director of HashStor, Peng Fei positioned the HashStor distributed storage device different from the rest of the market. He upgraded the previous mining machine to a distributed storage device. The new positioning also aims to increase HashStor's sales highlights and branding. Peng Fei elaborated on the four HashStor’s four strongest attributes:


l  NAS network distributed storage device, which can be used as a private cloud.

l  Blockchain-based storage of mass data, providing secure and reliable storage space (semi-private chain and private chain).

l  Supports the IPFS protocol to provide miners with storage and retrieval rewards (consensus mechanism benefits).

l  Provides trusted transaction nodes and transaction data storage space (consensus mechanism revenue) for public chain projects.


Peng Fei also highlighted the emergence of blockchain technology will force many industries to face new challenges in the future, especially in the financial industry. However, for some industries, such as the insurance industry and the credit industry, blockchain technology has already changed the foundations of the whole society. After so many years of studying abroad, Peng Fei saw that foreign blockchain projects are larger than their Chinese peers and that the staff is more skilled overall. He wants to apply everything he has learned abroad to HashStor and lead the team to constantly try out new things, dare to develop, and contribute their own strength to HashStor and the entire blockchain industry.



The most successful people tend to be very goal-driven. Just like Peng Fei, who knows what kind of person he wants to be. He knows his goal and has already started to build the path in order to achieve it.




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