InterValue Project Weekly: 20181105-20181111


Part 1. Development Progress of InterValue.

1. Project Progress.


(1) Full-node development: together with the local full-node, the mainnet test network is built for testing, and some bugs related to Sharding Management are fixed. 

(2) Local full-node development: we completed the processing logic optimization design when the machine was downtime recovery. The correctness, stability, and reliability tests under the normal process are completed, and it has been verified that the snapshot and the sub-division can be continuously performed correctly without affecting the consensus.

(3) Light node 3.1.0 news function: completion of the test report.

(4) Light node 3.2.0 chat function: completion of the function development. Completion of the SIT-Phase test and fix the SIT-Phase test bug. 

(5) Light node 3.3.0 multi-chain wallet: initially implement the BTC wallet function and transaction logic, and pass the test on the testnet. 

(6) Smart Contracts: completion of the World State Library, Contract Code Library, and Contract Internal Variable Library design. Completion of the Contract Deployment Module and World State Initialization development. 

(7) Cross-chain: completion of the Relay-node interface definitions, and optimize cross-chain interaction logic.

(8) Quantum-proof algorithm: continuously test the performance and stability of the algorithm, and fix some memory leak related bugs.

2. Whitepaper

(1) We modified some regular details.

Part 2. Strategic Cooperation.

1.InterValue (INVE) Officially Gets Listed on Hotbit

InterValue (INVE, ERC20 Token) officially got listed on Hotbit on November 6 at 15:00 (UTC+8). Two trading pairs INVE/ETH and INVE/USDT are available. Hotbit is the second exchange on which InterValue gets listed after FCoin. InterValue plans to increase its listing count. InterValue (INVE, ERC20 Token) is expected to get listed on Hotbit on November 5 and trading will start on November 6. Two trading pairs INVE/ETH and INVE/USDT will be available.


Part 3. Media Activities.

1.Bounty Program: The Suggestion on Ecological Construction Policy

For building a strong InterValue Ecology, we drafted the <InterValue Ecological Construction Foundation Charter and InterValue Ecological Incentive Policy>. We need the precious suggestions for the Policy, and we are glad to inform people that we will reward the best ideas with our INVE tokens.


2.The Linker reported the article " Interview with a Tech Specialist Who Came Back to China after a Long Journey across the World". It introduced the HashStor team which is the strategic partners of InterValue, and many medias reprinted.

3. InterValue Team Published a Book - 2018 Most Worthy of The Blockchain Book 

Recently, the book "DAG Blockchain Technology Principles and Practice" was officially published, which was founded by the InterValue’s founder & CEO - Dr. Barton Chao, and his core team members. This book systematically explains the underlying principles of DAG technology, and deeply analyzes the structure and implementation principles of the three major DAG blockchain projects. It explains and analyzes the DAG technology from the two dimensions of the underlying principles and engineering practice. It can provide comprehensive guidance for DAG-based technology development, blockchain application, and ecological construction.




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