Content Ambassador Award



Rules and Reward Distribution

Content ambassador award is specially set for content creators like media, we-media who have fans. Content Ambassador needs to make and publish original contents (Contents should include but not limited in passages, videos, radios, pictures). Remarks:If the contents are related to the InterValue node recruitment, you can earn extra 1,500 INVE bounty. Participants should register at INVE bounty program, then click to participate our content ambassador task. We will register your contact information and media information(include but not limited in industry media platform, WeChat official account, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Facebook, YouTube, etc).We will verify your media according to the information provided and contact you immediately when the verification finished. Then we will make an appointment with you to discuss the issues about making and publishing the media content. We will award corresponding I code according to the content quality (50%) and media influence (50%), you can use I code to exchange your own INVE reward in the bounty program. The maximum reward you can earn in this event is 50,000 INVE.

Content Ambassador Award


Evaluation method:

Content Quality 50% Media Followers 50%. The published content include InterValue’s node alpha test recruitment, and extra reward 1,500 INVE rewards.

Content requirements:

1. Original,Plagiarism is strictly prohibited;
2. Content must be positive and accurate; 
3. Media link needs to be able to directly note the number of followers, article readings, and likes. It used to assess media influence. To avoid disputes, do not accept the statistics provided by the author.

How can you join:

1. Sign up for a program membership, and select the task.

2. Submit your Application information, media links, and article links in the task page. InterValue’s admin will review it.

3. Go through official review, draft published, content review.

4. After review finished, the admin will contact the author to provide awards.

5. The reward will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis until all INVE have been distributed.

Join now:

Officially start: July 19th, 2018, 12:00(GMT+8)



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