InterValue Officially Launched the Eco-construction Excitation Policy


With the persistent development of the project. InterValue gets into the eco-construction phrase. On the purpose of the “Mutual Trust, Community Autonomy” InterValue eco-construction foundation officially published the “InterValue Ecosystem Construction Foundation Principles and InterValue Ecosystem excitation Policy” (Hereinafter referred to as “Policy”). This policy will mainly be used to describe the operation rules and eco-construction excitation mechanism, applicable for all InterValue eco-construction participator.


The main responsibility of the InterValue Eco-construction Foundation:

(1) Formulating and amending the Constitution of the InterValue Ecosystem Construction Foundation;

(2) Organizing and maintaining the structure of the InterValue Ecosystem Construction Foundation in accordance with the Constitution;

(3) Developing and maintaining InterValue Token issuance rules and strategies;

(4) Formulating a strategy for controlling the integrity of InterValue client software and reviewing major update proposals;

(5) Formulating an incentive mechanism for participating in InterValue’s network as a computing node;

(6) Incubating or investing in selected application projects based on InterValue’s infrastructure;

(7) Elaborating marketing and promotion strategies for InterValue and push adoption;

(8) Assisting the InterValue technical team in formulating a government compliance program;

(9) Conducting an assessment of InterValue’s economics.


InterValue ecological foundation includes Chairman, council, and multiple committees. In order to raise funds for the project and build a more ecological prosperity team.


The foundation will reasonably allocate the Token (INVE), the mining and event promotion will generate the inner energy for ecological prosperity and form the economy excitation pattern for the ecosystem. Promote the process of the InterValue technology ecology and application ecology configuration.


Once this principle launched, we hope to affect the InterValue node and token holder, Dapp developer and other benefit-related people will co-build the healthy and blameless community ecology.


TIPS: Download link to the " Policy "

English version:

Chinese version:



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