InterValue 2019 Work Plan for The Second Half of The Year


The InterValue project has been in operation for nearly 2 years, and the mainnet online is about half a year. During this period, the InterValue team focused on the mainnet bug modification, performance tuning, stability robustness testing, external development interface improvement, DApp interface development and so on. The DApp is gradually released.

At present, the optimization work of the InterValue mainnet is basically completed, and the mainnet is running stably. In order to carry out InterValue ecological construction better, promote project development and achieve high-performance public chain goals, we will release the InterValue work plan for the third quarter of 2019 to our community. Welcome community members give us some valuable comments.

1. The foundation construction

We will officially release the Foundation's main responsibilities, structure, work content, work division, and gradually transfer the InterValue project to the foundation management.

The Foundation will play a comprehensive role in the mainnet R&D, DApp R&D, third-party DApp development cooperation, operation promotion, community construction, and external cooperation.

2. The operations works

(1) Promote community operations

On the InterValue official website to build a community page, publish operational tasks and development tasks, determine task implementation rules, completion assessment, incentive mechanisms, and incentive standards, summarize the completion of statistical tasks, and encourage community members to participate actively.

(2) Strengthen normal operations

We will continue to strengthen and improve the project news release, community construction, and maintenance, focusing on DAG technology and other content.

3. R&D

(1) The mainnet R&D

We will continue to test and improve the stability of the mainnet consensus mechanism, improve the transaction speed, design and implement a local full-node dynamic join and exit mechanism, improve the local full-node transaction confirmation reward mechanism, provide a cross-chain development interface, and provide a smart contract development interface. We will publish the third-party development documentation and examples.

(2) DApp R&D

We will develop the InterValue DApp R&D plan for the second half of 2019, design the DApp economic model, develop and publish the DApp according to the schedule, do the DApp operation work, cooperation with the external third-party DApp R&D resources, and encourage the third party to develop the DApp. The foundation will support that.

(3) Promote community R&D

We will study community-based R&D content, including mainnet function modules, mainnet auxiliary function modules, third-party DApp development, release R&D tasks and summarize statistical task completion, design community-based R&D incentives and standards, and review and evaluate community-based R&D. Work completed and closely cooperated with the third-party R&D team to establish the INVE technology group to talk about technical issues related to the mainnet and DApp.

(4) Launch a SuperNode campaign

We will formulate SuperNode recruitment node requirements, recruitment quantity, incentive mechanism, lock mechanism, etc., publish SuperNode recruitment plan, launch SuperNode voting, release the first SuperNode, establish SuperNode community, and release SuperNode program for download. And the network participates in the consensus to obtain incentives.

(5) Launch the lockout reward program

We will define the beginning time, the period, and reward mechanism for the lock-in reward program, release the lock-in reward plan, summarize the participation of the statistical lock-in reward program, and implement the lock-in reward program.

(6) Provide blockchain technical services

We will continue to play the role of the core technology service provider of the blockchain, and strive to cut InterValue into various industry applications, and detect and improve the functional performance of InterValue in practical applications.

The InterValue team will comprehensively promote the development of the InterValue project in a planned and step-by-step manner, striving to realize the vision and blueprint for the project as soon as possible.



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