InterValue Project Weekly: 20190701-20190707



Part 1. Development Progress of InterValue.

1. INVE Mainnet: We investigated the problem that several recent Singapore nodes cannot connect to other nodes; We designed the node Membership management solution; We checked the address generation code of the mainnet; Checked Hashcorp's node management; Wrote UDP ping-pong code, deployed and tested the transmission of network packets from Singapore nodes and other nodes, and optimized the test plan; Solved the interface problem of local full-node v2 query contract to execute internal transactions; Performed local full-node v2 two scenario tests (①sync state, receipt; ②nValue10-->7.); Wrote the mainnet operation status report; Wrote a local full-node registration test program (ICE); Wrote the node event monitor program; Wrote UDP, TCP test programs (netty and vertex) in the Gossip protocol.

2. inWallet: Performed inWallet relay interface modification, redemption test; Debugged relay node code; Made a integrated test to the dics2win winning interface; Modified the exchange request interface of the relay node, changed two calls to one call; Modified the relay interface parameter analysis mode; Modified the available balance judgment logic and the available balance update logic of relay node; Reproduced and fixed user feedback issues.

3. DApp: Wrote Fishing game management system; Completed docking and debugging of Fishing game interface; Made a integrated test to Fishing game recharge and mobile phone adaptation; We continued to write the function to back up the original transaction record from HTTP request and the reprocessing function after downtime recovery.

4. Others: We improved Zabbix monitoring scripts. Completed the writing of technical documents for Dapp and payment gateways; Upgraded the design and development of the INVE official website community section; Tested the smart contract security audit platform python+gunicorn environment deployment; Completed the maintenance and update of the official website.

Part 2. Community Announcement.

1. ANN: InterValue 2019 Work Plan for The Second Half of The Year

On July 2, 2019, the InterValue team released the latest announcement on “InterValue 2019 Work Plan for The Second Half of The Year”:

The InterValue project has been in operation for nearly 2 years, and the mainnet online is about half a year. During this period, the InterValue team focused on the mainnet bug modification, performance tuning, stability robustness testing, external development interface improvement, DApp interface development and so on. The DApp is gradually released.

At present, the optimization work of the InterValue mainnet is basically completed, and the mainnet is running stable. In order to carry out InterValue ecological construction better, promote project development and achieve high-performance public chain goals, we released the InterValue work plan for the third quarter of 2019 to our community, about 1. The foundation construction; 2. The operations works; 3. R&D. Welcome community members give us some valuable comments.

Part 3. The Historical Process of InterValue.

(1) In August 2017, InterValue team envisioned the positioning, vision, and functionality of InterValue.

(2) From September to October 2017, InterValue created a team and refined the functions.

(3) In November 2017, InterValue created the R&D team and began to write a white paper and a development plan.

(4) In January 2018, InterValue completed the first draft of the Chinese and English white papers.

(5) From February to March in 2018, InterValue completed Chinese and English white papers from InterValue 1.0 to 4.0.

(6) In April 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet was completed and put into practice.

(7) In May 2018, the development of the InterValue v2.0 testnet was launched.

(8) In June 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet wallet Demo was launched.

(9) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 HashNet consensus mechanism was verified.

(10) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 exceeded a million TPS.

(11) In June 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet launched the world’s first local full-node, light-node alpha test.

(12) In July 2018, InterValue launched its first bounty program.

(13) In August 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet was awarded the TPS performance testing report and testing certificate issued by China Telecommunication Technology Labs.

(14) In August 2018, InterValue’s Chinese and English white papers are updated from 4.0 to 4.5.

(15) In August 2018, InterValue officially released the INVE ERC20 Token.

(16) In August 2018, InterValue team officially established the Xiangjiang Blockchain Research Institute.

(17) In August 2018, InterValue officially established the Blockchain Security Division.

(18) In September 2018, InterValue officially got its INVE token listed on FCoin. 

(19) In September 2018, InterValue opens the bounty conversion. 

(20) In November 2018, InterValue officially got listed on the Hotbit.

(21) In November 2018, InterValue officially got listed on the Bitget.

(22) In November 2018, InterValue implemented the Turing Complete Smart Contract on the DAG.

(23) In December 2018, the core members of the InterValue's technology partner were selected into the CCF TCBC. 

(24) In December 2018, completion of InterValue's cross-chain, supporting transfer and exchange of INVE, BTC, ETH.

(25) In January 2019, InterValue officially launched the eco-construction excitation policy.

(26) In January 2019, InterValue official website upgrade.

(27) In February 2019, InterValue mainnet officially launched.

(28) In February 2019, INVE blockchain explorer launched.

(29) In February 2019, inWallet v3.3.0 launched.

(30) In February 2019, inWallet v3.3.1 launched.

(31) In March 2019, InterValue launch the INVE Token Swap.

(32) In March 2019, inWallet v3.3.2 launched.

(33) In March 2019, inWallet v3.3.3 launched.

(34) In April 2019, inWallet v3.3.4 launched.

(35) In April 2019, InterValue is officially open source.

(36) In April 2019, inWallet v3.3.5 launched.

(37) In May 2019, inWallet v3.3.6 launched.

(38) In June 2019, inWallet v4.0 launched.

(39) In June 2019, INVE Zajindan game launched.

(40) In June 2019, INVE web wallet launched.

(41) In June 2019, inWallet v4.0.1 launched.



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