InterValue Settles in The Decenmall Blockchain Service Platform



In September 2019, InterValue entered the Decenmall blockchain service platform. 

DecenMall is a global Blockchain Service Platform, where blockchain service providers and blockchain projects are matched using big data and AI. DecenMall is about helping blockchain projects to expand across the globe, and get connected with local service providers in order to facilitate their successful expansion.

Currently operating in China and the United States, DecenMall will soon be expanding to all major blockchain regions, including Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Ukraine, Vietnam, and the Phillippines.

As the world's first practical blockchain 4.0 project to implement 1,000,000 TPS, a highly practical decentralized distributed application development platform. The InterValue team has deep research and rich experience in theoretical research, key technology research, core algorithm implementation, project engineering implementation and delivery in the field of blockchain technology. Through the Decenmall platform, the InterValue team will provide one-stop blockchain technology services such as blockchain technology development, blockchain industry solutions, network security technology development, big data technology development, and DAPP development for individuals and businesses worldwide.



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