Super node campaign voting
Vote description:
  • 1. Super node nominations will be displayed from August 21st to August 25th;
  • 2. The super node election voting time is from August 26th to September 5th;
  • 3. Three votes per person per day, up to one vote per day for the same candidate;
  • 4. The Foundation will finalize the successful super node based on the voting results and the SuperNode application form.
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    Roots Capital started its blockchain investment from 2016, and pivoted to focus on blockchain investment in 2017. Roots Capital has up till now invested in dozens of blockchain projects as a committed long-term partner. Roots Capital synergizes various resources to assist projects with eco-system development, community building, media, and fundraising etc. Roots Capital empowers the portfolio projects and grows with them by leveraging its solid investment and management ability, abundant industry and peripheral resources.

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    Founded in early 2017, BNC is a well-known investment institution in the field of blockchain and digital asset investment, mainly consisting of investment banking and investment. Most of the partners and employees come from top investment banks and financial institutions at home and abroad. Based on our deep understanding of blockchain technology, we believe that the blockchain will reshape many industry ecosystems and build new social formats in the future. We are exploring high-quality blockchain projects on a global scale, and empowering blockchain innovation companies with professional knowledge and rich industry experience to help projects achieve better development and development.

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    Experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in bigdata , blockchian technologies.

  • Dr. DAG
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    Engineering male, blockchain technology believer, early Bitcoin, Ethereum investors. DAG technology enthusiasts, research DAG technology for many years. Firmly believe that DAG technology will be the key to the development and take-off of blockchain technology!

  • Mr. Li Ming
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    Software engineer, many years of software development experience. In 2012, he began to study the development of blockchain technology, became familiar with the principle of cryptocurrency, developed BTC/ETH wallet separately, became familiar with the exchange pending order engine, developed multiple exchange-traded robots, and currently focuses on blockchain applications and intelligent trading robots. direction.

  • Dave Durflinger
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    Blockchain believers and investors. I have a soft spot for startups. I'm interested in new technology and I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are the future. I am looking forward to joining InterValue.

  • Dong Shengjun
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    I am from Chengdu, Sichuan, majoring in computer science and technology, blockchain technology enthusiasts. In 2015, he entered the blockchain industry and in-depth research on blockchain technology development. He independently developed P2P financial systems, membership systems, exchanges, wallets, and mining pool management systems. Looking forward to joining the INVE Super Node program!

  • Depp AK
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    Blockchain reviewer and Decentralization lover. Blockchain tecnology is the future and will allow people indipendent and free. Believe in it!