Super Nodes Campaign

Part I: Requirements for campaigning for Super Nodes

In the first phase, there were 10 Super Nodes, and the InterValue Foundation maintained 7 and recruited 3 externally.

1.   Token-Lock requirements

Each individual or team applying for a Super Nodes needs to lock 1,000,000 INVEs in advance.

Lock mode: The Super Nodes publishes an INVE Wallet address to the InterValue Foundation. The account amount is not less than 1,000,000 INVE. The InterValue Foundation will lock the address for one year. If you need to withdraw it after one year, you need to apply.

2.   Hardware requirements

To become a Super Nodes, you must successfully run the Super Nodes server. The Super Nodes uses a cloud server with a public IP address and an online duration of no less than one year. The minimum hardware configuration requirements are as follows:

CPU 4 core 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD Hard Drive, 100Mbps Bandwidth (recommended to use AWS server in Oregon or Frankfurt).

3.   Other requirements

Part II: Detailed Process for Election Super Nodes

1.  From August 1st to August 10th: the candidates announced their participation in the InterValue Super Nodes Declaration.

The candidates can choose a public platform with certain influence to publish the declaration of the InterValue Super Nodes.

2.  From August 11th to August 20th: the registration of the node candidates

Application form link:   Application form link

The Super Nodes application includes "Super Nodes Application Form" (Including organization or personal name, strength profile, server type, Super Nodes public address, wallet address, InterValue support plan, contact information, etc.) and identity authentication materials (handheld ID card or Business license) and so on.

(3)   Complete the application form and relevant information and send it to email

3.  From August 21st to August 25th: the Super Nodes was nominated for the nomination

InterValue official website and WeChat public account announced the Super Nodes Finalist nomination display.

4.  From August 26th to September 5th: conduct election campaign voting

Members of the InterValue community vote on the INRE official website for the Super Nodes participating in the campaign . The Foundation will finalize the successful Super Nodes based on the voting results and the Super Nodes application form.

5.  September 6th: announced the results of the Super Nodes campaign

InterValue official website and WeChat public account announced the results of the Super Nodes campaign.

6.  From September 7th to September 15th: selected for Super Nodes hardware and software preparation, communication

7.   September 16th: the Super Nodes system is online

Part III: Super Nodes Review and Elimination Rules

1.   The Super Nodes review rules

2.   The Super Nodes performance elimination rules

Part IV: InterValue Super Nodes Overview

1.  What is a Super Nodes?

In the InterValue mainnet, the Super Nodes system forms a stable backbone network, guarantees network communication and real-time verification of transactions. It also constitutes a massive storage and computing resource pool, and provides some other basic services to meet the diverse application scenarios such as content distribution of the InterValue mainnet, ensuring high-quality network storage and providing better data stream services.

2.  Super Nodes rights

The Super Nodes's rights are mainly reflected in the revenue incentives in the system. In the InterValue system, the source of revenue for the Super Nodes is mainly to confirm the transaction reward, accounting for 60% of the total number of INVE, that is, 6 billion.

The 6 billion INVEs issued through the mining award is issued to the Super Nodes in batches with a number of transactions. The first 200 million transactions each rewarded 6 INVEs (issued a total of S1 = 1.2 billion), the 200 millionth to the 600 millionth transaction rewards 3 INVEs (distributed total S2 = 1.2 billion), the 600 millionth Transaction to the 1 billionth transaction, each reward is 1.5 INVE (distribution total S3 = 600 million). The 1 billionth transaction to the 2 billionth transaction, each reward 1.5 INVE (distribution total S4 = 1.5 billion), followed by halving awards for every 1 billion transaction. The mining reward is distributed in the local full node in a monthly settlement period, and the settlement execution begins after the last event in the settlement cycle reaches the consensus confirmation stability.

3.   Super Nodes obligation

The Super Nodes mainly fulfills its obligations in two aspects.

First, confirm the transactions in the InterValue system to maintain the healthy and orderly development of InterValue.

Second, evaluate the proposals proposed by the developers and promote the contribution of the community to InterValue.

On the other hand, it is the Super Nodes owner's obligations to the InterValue project, including:

Promote activities related to the InterValue project, such as offline sharing activities, community governance, online event organization and expanding influence.

4.   What are the functions of the Super Nodes?

The Super Nodes is mainly used as a local full-node to carry InterValue wallet, block explorer, DNS resolution and gateway services.

The main functions of the Super Nodes include: